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Emergency Contact List

Do you need to carry a list of emergency contacts with you? Maybe you’re a coach or managing a group. Emergency Contact List allows you to easily import a CSV file of Emergency Contacts to take with you on the go.


A tip calculator that lets you quickly figure out the right tip with just a few taps and swipes.


Me allows you to easily view and share your contact. To set it up, select your contact from your address book. Every subsequent time you launch Me, you will see your contact information. No more digging and fumbling through your phone to find your phone number.


WebPDF is an application that lets you save a web page to a PDF. Once the PDF is saved, you can use the app to view it or share it.


Mac Lock is an app that lets you quickly lock your mac.


Easily share contacts in the Messages app. You can browse or search your contacts and tap to share them.