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Month: October 2017

macOS Word Breaks

macOS has a feature that lets you change the word delimiter.  By default it considers the “.” to be part of the word and selects the whole thing.  But you can change it to break on the period.

This feature used to be called “Word Break” in previous macOS release.  In macOS Sierra it can be found by going to “System Preferences” and selecting “Language & Region”.  Here you’ll see an option for “Region”.  If you’re in the United States, it should be set to “United States”.  You can change it to “United States (Computer)”.

Here’s what’s happening: ASCII special characters that are part of words between alphabetic ASCII characters:

  • '.:_ in Standard
  • '_ in English (United States, Computer)


Here is an example of “United States”



Here is an example of “United States (Computer)”



If you change the word break setting, you have to quit and reopen applications to apply the changes.

Note: I found this tip a few years ago and used it on my Mac. After getting a new Mac, it took me awhile to figure out how to do this again. This post is a reminder to myself for next time I need to remember how to do this.

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Fastlane solution for Crashlytics – Missing dSYMs

While working on a new Xcode project, I was unable to get my crash logs on Crashlytics . In the Crashlytics dashboard, I would see the following error:

"Found 1 unsymbolicated crash from missing dSYMs in 1 version in the last 24 hours"

Crashlytics even had a page dedicated to this: All about Missing dSYMs.

In my case the issue was with bitcode being enabled, which it is by default on all new iOS Projects. When bitcode is enabled, Apple recompiles your project on their server. Then you need to download the dSYMS to your computer and upload them to Crashlytics. This is a manual process that takes a lot of time. I was dreading doing this a second time after figuring out the process.

I figured this is something that fastlane might be able to help me with. Sure enough, they’ve come up with a lane to automate this. You can read more about it here:

Automatically download and upload dSYM symbolication files from iTunes Connect for Bitcode iOS apps using fastlane

Simply add this to your Fastfile:

lane :refresh_dsyms do
download_dsyms                  # Download dSYM files from iTC
upload_symbols_to_crashlytics   # Upload them to Crashlytics
clean_build_artifacts           # Delete the local dSYM files

Then run it like this:

fastlane refresh_dsyms

Thanks fastlane!

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