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Month: July 2013



I forked MHTabBarController, which is a custom tab bar controller for iOS 5.  I forked it to accomplish two things.

  1. I wanted to use Quartz to draw my arrow instead of using images.
  2. I wanted my arrows to go down in addition to up.

To change the direction of the arrow, just set the pageIndicatorDirection variable like:

MHTabBarController *tabBarController = [[MHTabBarController alloc] init];
tabBarController.pageIndicatorDirection = PageIndicatorDirectionDown;

You can also easily modify the colors in MHTabBarController.m here:

// TAB Colors


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devonThinkToDayOne – Apple Script


An AppleScript to export item(s) from DEVONthink to Day One.


Download and install Day One Command Line Interface:


  1. Open DEVONthink and select the entries you want to export. You can select 1 or more than 1.
  2. Run the script. An entry will be made into Day One for each entry you selected in DEVONthink.


To make the name of the DEVONthink entry a header in Day One, set the following property to ON:

property dayHeader : "OFF"

By default the create date of the entry in DEVONthink is used as the entry date in Day One. I organize my entries in DEVONthink like: 20110101-journal, 20110102-journal. If you use this format, set the following property to “ON”

property extractDateFromTitle : "OFF"

Note: you can modifiy the script if you use a diffent format for you note name.


The inspiration for this script came from:

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evernoteToDayOne – AppleScript


An AppleScript to export item(s) from Evernote to Day One.

This code was originally taken from the work done by Justin Lancy at:

I added the property:

property extractDateFromTitle : "OFF"

I organized all my Evernote entries by the title rather than create date. I gave them a title like “20130718-notes”. When this property is set to “ON” the date is taken from the title instead of the create date.

Follow the link above for details on how to run the script.

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iOS 7 App Redesigns

iOS 7 App Redesigns is a tumblr showing an iOS 7 redesign next to an iOS 6 design. Great site to get you think about how to update your own apps.


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