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Month: May 2021

Charles Proxy Xcode 12.5 Simulator

Prior to Xcode 12.5 you could install the Charles Root Certificate by the menu item in Charles:

Help > SSL Proxying > Install Charles Root Certificate in iOS Simulators

This no longer works as of 12.5. But you can still do it manually. Follow these steps.

  1. From the Charles Application Menu, choose: Help > SSL Proxying > Save Charles Root Certificate…
  2. Save the file: “charles-ssl-proxying-certificate.pem” to your Desktop.
  3. Launch the iOS Simulator. Drag “charles-ssl-proxying-certificate.pem” from your Desktop on to the simulator.
  4. Then enable the certificate in the iOS Simulator by going to: Settings > General > About > Certificate Trust Settings and flipping the switch On for Charles Proxy CA

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